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The Pitacs Group

The company was established in 1990 in the UK as the national distributors for heating products; mainly steel panel radiators namely under Ultraheat brand. The large ranges of designer radiators and towel rails have been introduced to the customers in the UK and in the world. Then the company started the electrical division within, as the distributing large range electrical and data cables in the UK in 1994.

The launch of Aeon brand, for handmade, sculptural, stylish, stainless steel radiator came along in 2003, then the opening of the manufacturing site took place few years after the launch.

The Pitacs Group is now one of the largest distributors of heating products as well as the electrical cables in the UK and elsewhere supplying over 38 countries across the world.

The main product lines are:

Ultraheat: Compact Radiators: Steel Panel Convector Radiators, designer steel radiators and towel rails

Aeon: Hand made stainless steel sculptural radiators and towel rails

Pitacs/Time: Electrical and data cables

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Pitacs Group
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